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Larson Capital Management Launches New Private Equity Real Estate Fund

Physician Financial Advisor

Based on the success of their initial three private equity real estate funds, Larson Capital Management is pleased to announce that they are currently seeking investors for a fourth fund consisting of carefully-selected commercial properties. Barry Calhoun, who joined the Larson Capital Management team in 2015 as Managing Director, will oversee the daily management of this new real estate fund while furthering the mission of the firm.

LCM is currently in the process of accepting new investors and selecting properties for this recently launched fund, and anticipates approximately $25-30 million in assets under management before the fund is closed. The objective of the fund is to provide high net-worth physicians with the opportunity to invest alongside their colleagues in the medical community in the pursuit of highly-functional real estate assets.

Calhoun started his career with Merrill Lynch and has over twenty years of experience in wealth management, private and commercial investment banking and a wide spectrum of private and alternative investments. More recently, he worked at Bank of America where he served as the Senior Vice President. At Larson Capital Management, Calhoun leads the firm’s efforts in private investments across real estate, private equity and mezzanine finance.

“I’m thrilled to be working directly with physicians and helping them identify investments that will diversify their portfolio,” said Barry Calhoun, Managing Director. “I’m excited to offer our investors a great opportunity which we believe will provide superior returns over a long period of time while minimizing risk.”

About Larson Capital Management

Larson Capital Management, LLC is the managing member/general partner of a group of private equity funds affiliated with Larson Financial Group, LLC, both of which are a part of the Doctors Only, LLC network. Larson Capital Management currently manages over a dozen commercial assets in the South and Midwest. Our core focus is to inspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors by making equity investments, both on a direct basis and through joint ventures.

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Target Annualized Return: 15.0%
Funding Date: 30-Apr-2021
Target Cash on Cash Return:  8-10%


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