We empower individuals and investors seeking growth opportunities through alternative investments with carefully selected properties backed by data-driven research.

* For Accredited Investors Only

Our portfolio includes a variety of funds for a client seeking diversification and alternative investments.

Why Choose LCM?

Passive Income

Investments can provide alternative income in the form of passive cash flow with the goal of quarterly distributions.

Tax Advantages

Investments can come with certain tax advantages, potentially allowing you to offset your income with accelerated depreciation.

Ease of Access

Invest in the same way the ultra-wealthy invest without personally guaranteeing debt.

Industry Expertise

Our team collectively has over 85 years of combined industry experience.

Larson Capital Management is your trusted alternative investment partner. With decades of combined industry experience, our team can expertly assist you in supplementing your portfolio with a number of different investment opportunities.

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Larson Capital Granite Tower, LLC

 Dallas, TX


Target Annualized Return: 15.0%
Funding Date: 30-Apr-2021
Target Cash on Cash Return:  8-10%


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